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Autor/autorzy projektu Kateryna Rozit
Nazwa firmy Rozit Architects
Telefoniczny numer kontaktowy +380677735735
E-mail Rok powstania projektu 2023
Miejsce powstania projektu Kyiv
Teren projektu Ukraine

Casa Eklectiсa


An eclectic design of a Kyiv apartment, embodied on an area of 77 m2. Our goal was to combine aesthetics and functionality, emphasising space efficiency, natural light and luxurious elements with bold colour combinations.
To achieve the open plan, we applied space-saving techniques, including clever storage solutions and the removal of non-essential walls. A glass partition with curtains between the living room and the guest bedroom served a dual purpose: it allowed natural light to enter and provided privacy. The bathroom was fitted with crystal sinks, which added a touch of luxury to the interior. The bedroom with a dressing room and a multifunctional make-up work area provides maximum utility in a compact space.

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